My Dad, Mom and me. 

My Dad, Mom and me. 

My Mom had me when she was 19. That same year she opened a hair salon which quickly became one of the "it" places in town. Customers lined up, the phone never stopped ringing, she had to hire more staff and sometimes even ask my dad to help out with a hair wash or two.

How on earth she ran a successful business while raising a baby, I have no clue. All I know is that I really admire her for that and will be always blown away by her strong character. 

One Another is my tribute to amazing women like my Mom - a photo series of inspiring ladies with a fantastic story behind them. 

As a female photographer I've always felt like that my purpose is to reflect beauty back to the world - and only recently realized that this has so much power to it.

Therefore this project's goal is not just to showcase other females, but to support, elevate and inspire one another and to give back to a community I have so much respect for.